Friday, November 21, 2008

Colour scanner Konica Minolta is intended for scanning of books and magazines

Company Konica Minolta assortment has replenished with colour scanner PS7000C MKII into which complete set enters ON Image DIVA. The device is calculated on scanning of books, magazines, financial and legal documents, pictures, cards and even three-dimensional objects.

Taking into account sphere of application the scanner has the big working area — in it it is possible to place samples in the size from 14 h 22 sm to 46 h 61 see On numbering of one sample at the scanner leaves no more than 9,9 seconds. The important feature of the device is scanning by a face sheet upwards, helping to avoid damages of cover and essentially simplifying browsing at the expense of requirement elimination to raise, turn and repeatedly to level the original.

Among functions ON Image DIVA the company marks a simple choice of a mode, preliminary viewing, printing by means of the printer or the multipurpose device connected on a network.

The maximum permission at scanning is equal to 600 points on inch. 24-digit data presentation about colour is provided; 8-digit representation if the image remains in gradation of a grey scale; and 1-digit representation for black-and-white images.

By means of interface USB 2.0 scanner is connected to the personal computer working under control of OS Windows 2000, XP or Vista. The TWAIN-driver is included In the delivery complete set.

Recommended retail price PS7000C MKII in the USA where device deliveries have already begun, makes $19995.

Source: Konica Minolta