Thursday, November 20, 2008

AMD Phenom II: the scheme of names, a starting ruler and a modelling number-2009

Not has confirmed the earlier information that AMD will instead of current symbols models their CPU, including 4 digits, 5 - character name. On the contrary, the names of the future Phenom II will contain only three digits.

Earlier information that AMD will enter instead of present designations of the models CPU including 4 figures, 5-symbolical names has not proved to be true. On the contrary, names future Phenom II will consist only of three figures.

The senior ruler Phenom II X4 800/900 will be presented by 4-nuclear models working on frequency to 3 GHz. The volume of cache-memory L2+L3 such CPU will make 6 or 8 MB depending on a ruler. They debut in January models Phenom II X4 940 (3,0 GHz) and Phenom II X4 920 (2,8 GHz). They will have socket Socket AM2 +. In February the ruler will be filled up with models Phenom II X4 925, 910, 810 and 805 c with socket Socket AM3 and support of memory DDR2/3.

45-nanometers tryohjadernye processors will be let out in series Phenom II X3 700. Pioneers in the name of models Phenom II X3 720 (2,8 GHz, 7,5 MB a memory cache) and 710 (2,6 GHz).

In more accessible ruler Athlon AMD will let out series X4 600 (four kernels, without cache L3, frequency to 2,7 GHz, exit date — April), X3 400 (three kernels, without cache L3, frequency to 2,8 GHz, exit date — April) and X2 400 (two kernels, without cache L3, frequency to 2,8 GHz, exit date — June).

It is necessary to notice that AMD plans to give the big possibilities to fans of dispersal, at least, in the senior rulers. So, thanks to technology Advanced Clock Calibration it is supposed that Phenom II X4 can reach frequencies in 4 GHz and above. Whether it in that case will make competition Nehalem? Will show tests.

Source: ChipHell