Saturday, November 22, 2008

Akasa has released the emperor among coolers

If the sonorous name — the product keystone to success the market destiny of processor cooler AKASA NERO is predetermined. In our opinion, however, use of a name of Nerona known for the arson of Rome, in the decision intended for cooling, hardly is justified. After all to burn compatible with Nero brand new processor Core i7 the price from 300 dollars would be rather annoyingly.

Besides socket LGA1366 the cooler can be established also on LGA775 or AMD Socket 939, AM2, AM2 +.

Three 8-mm U-shaped thermal tubes effectively take away heat from the processor to the aluminium radiator numbering 46 edges.

The 120-mm the fan is equipped by a PWM-regulator of speed of rotation (500-1500 ob./mines). It is possible to name it almost silent as the noise level makes only 18,3-24,6 dba. The air stream thus is in a range 17,38-50,54 CFM.

The manufacturer declares that NERO is capable to cool even processors with TDP in 150 Vt that does by its quite good variant for supporters of dispersal.

Cooler dimensions make 160,5 x 119,9 x 54 mm.

Source: AKASA