Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A790GXM-AD3 - motherboard ECS for the extraordinary performance platform AMD Dragon in Games

Today, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) introduced the system board A790GXM-AD3 Black Series, which, as they say, should make an extraordinary gaming performance platform AMD Dragon.

Achieving probably planned by supporting innovation processors AMD Phenom II and multi-GPU technology company ATI-CrossFireX.

ECS A790GXM-AD3 chipset is built on the AMD 790GX. This means support for dual memory DDR3-1333, the total amount which can be 32 GB.

To ensure that the motherboard might like overclockers, this product is supported by the utility to work with the BIOS - MIB II, which allows you to change the important parameters that significantly affect the result of the final speed of the computer as a whole. Not least, high performance (and stability in breaking up) will be achieved by supporting the AMD SB750 south bridge technology ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) and nutrition.

In the ECS A790GXM-AD3 realized graphics ATI Radeon HD3300, which has full support for Microsoft DirectX 10, that says a manufacturer can provide sufficient performance of the players in the game, and without foreign" 3D-card, but the true gamers certainly choose the latter path - to fill slots x16 PCI Express 2.0 relying expansion, as well as board supports ATI Hybrid Graphics, which allows to use two graphics cards.

Source: Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)

RIDATA producing Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed

Advanced Media, a company known for its products under the brand RIDATA, announced the release of the disc Blu-ray, which can burn at high speeds - up to 6x.

The new product is aimed at enthusiasts who need to record high definition video and store large volumes of data on BD-ROM.

New RIDATA discs will be created with the use of technology FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) and know-how, enabling the company to begin delivering news as soon as possible (for the second quarter of 2009) and at an affordable price, as stated in a press release.

Compatible with the new disks are called device company LG, Lite-On, Plextor, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony and software Nero Burning ROM version or higher.

Source: RIDATA

A series of flash drives Buffalo RUF2-KL has a high capacity and thickness of 8 mm

Super Talent recently, the company had begun deliveries of the world's smallest 16-GB flash drive Pico, which is equal to the thickness of 8 mm, but this is not the only manufacturer that makes such thin drives to flash memory.

Japanese manufacturer of computer components, the company Buffalo to announce the release of a series of new flash drive, called RUF2-KLi have the same thickness of the shell.

RUF2-K16GL-BK are a series of black case, and RUF2-K16GL-WH - in white. The capacity of this series is 16 GB. Size and weight: 20 × 8 × 52 mm, 10 g.

8 and 16-GB version presented blue and pink series RUF2-J8GS-BL and RUF2-J8GS-PK. Its weight is 10 g and dimensions - 23 × 9 × 68 mm.

Those who like a more unusual drives addressed in a transparent body by the colorful patterns: RUF-C8GS-PK/U2, RUF-C8GS-GR/U2, RUF-C16GS-BL/U2 and RUF-C16GS-BK/U2. Its capacity can also be equal to 8 or 16 GB.

All new items Buffalo has been on the market. Prices are not mentioned.

Source: Buffalo

iLuv i9500 - a new wall sound system for iPod / iPhone

ILuv company reported that in January, the trade show at the CES, it will demonstrate the new sound wall i9500, supply docking station for mobile devices Apple. Manage your music with the iPod / iPhone is carried out of the system itself, which is also able to synchronize its internal clock time with a mobile device.

The system allows you to play music in MP3 and WMA formats from CD, as well as Audio CD, with a built-changer lets you upload up to 4 drives. Music files can be played with the SD card or external USB-drive. Integrated AM / FM-tuner with digital tuning allows you to specify up to 32 presets. The total power speaker system i9500 - 45 Watts.

In the new sales will come in May, the price has not yet been announced.

Source: iPodNN

Monday, December 29, 2008

GeForce GTX 260 for 55-nm kernel observed on Sales

It seems, to expect a formal announcement of the transfer accelerators family GeForce GTX 260 for 55-nm nucleus from the current 65-nm is not worth it. At least, the Japanese discovered the source of Retail Sales card production Inno3D, using the processor already GT200b.

The accelerator factory on the full parameters recommended for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 216. GPU runs at 620 MHz instead of 576 MHz memory, DDR3 - at a frequency of 2100 MHz instead of 1998 MHz.

Outwardly map is difficult to distinguish from older counterparts, as it is manufactured under Reference design and uses ordinary cooler, developed by NVIDIA. The new kernel shows only the inscription on the cooling system.

Price new items - 390 dollars. Perhaps this can be attributed to the costs inherent to any products soon the computer industry.


Friday, December 26, 2008

The new Mac mini and the iMac will be built on NVIDIA chipsets

Assumptions that future models of iMac and Mac mini will be built on the chipset NVIDIA, were quite unexpected, you can say, semi confirmation: in a configuration file a special version of Mac OS X Leopard, for the current notebook models, were found descriptions Modeling MacMini3, 1 and iMac9, 1:

Line CFG_MCP79, likely indicates the chipset NVIDIA MCP79. Current models of Mac mini and iMac are codes MacMini2, 1 and iMac8, 1.

Owners of new MacBook and MacBook Pro can verify the presence of this reference to himself. The path to renegade file - /System /Library /Extensions /IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext /Contents /PlugIns /ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext /Contents /Info.plist.

Among other things, found neglect, it seems, is proof that rumors of the death of Mac mini, as the American classic, greatly exaggerated. Moreover, the kid will get a modern platform that clearly will raise its interest. It is possible that the premiere of new models will take place in early January at the latest for Apple Macworld show in San Francisco.

Source: MacRumors

NEC presented the design to be used in the manufacture of standards 32 nm or less

The conference IEDM 2008 NEC Electronics Corporation has submitted two design-related decline in energy systems, which will be issued on rules 32 nm or less. One of them is the transistors, a second - connections inside the crystal.

Working hard to improve transistors, specialists NEC Electronics was able to reduce current leakage and resistance to diffuse layer, improve the formation of diffuse layer (source-sink). Reducing resistance layer enhanced the current in-state by 60% and current leakage has reduced by about three orders of magnitude, as demonstrated by test results transistor type MOS FET with a long shutter 28 nm.

As a result, developers think, big power integrated circuits in the active mode can be reduced by 30%. Particularly noticeable effect will be to systems with embedded memory type of DRAM, since lowering leakage current allows lower frequency of regeneration.

With regard to improvements in the compound inside the crystal (in the photo), NEC Electronics said the establishment of a completely porous structure with a low dielectric constant, in which the film Detention copper conductors consists entirely of porous materials with k = 2,5. Measurements of the prototype, manufactured by the rules of 40 nm showed that the parasitic capacitance conductors dropped by 15%. At the same managed to reduce power consumption chip. According to the company, this technology will be mainly in the production of 32 nm rules.

Source: TechOn!

NVIDIA demonstrates 3D Vision and calls the price of the product

The other day in the German Munich NVIDIA held an event Graphics Plus, which was represented by a new marketing strategy and a series of new products that will appear in the 2009-meters.

Among the talk about the future of PhysX in games, coming maps family GeForce, hardware acceleration in CyberLink Power Director and Adobe CS4 find the place and discuss technology 3D Vision. She had to enter the market in the summer of this year, but the interruption occurred due to the fact that for the correct formation of 3D-image requires a monitor with a refresh at 120 Hz. Such products are expected from Samsung and Viewsonic, but in fact the market is not yet available.

NVIDIA product consists of wireless glasses and infrared emitter. The latter is connected to the monitor, TV, projector or other source images with a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz. Each eye receives an image 60 times per second that provides a comfortable gameplay. The technology was shown in the games Call of Duty 5, Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead and Race Driver GRID, but, in principle, efficiency in every game.

The disadvantage of solutions is the price. As in the case of Tesla, NVIDIA does not give these products to its partners, and will release their own. Price is $ 199 a set.

Recall recently became aware that AMD has chosen to implement 3D-image another way, working with iZ3D.

Source: Theo's Bright Side Of IT

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Institute ITRI demonstrated flexible displays

The Taiwan Institute ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) presented a number of flexible displays, including models, which use technology active matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED), liquid crystal displays of cholesterol manufactured using Roll press, and displays, which use the effect of electrophoretic.

The head profile Center Institute noted that the flexible displays able to combine the advantages of large size, low weight, technological simplicity, low cost and energy consumption.

Technology of liquid crystal displays of cholesterol developed at Kodak. Professionals ITRI was able to improve the manufacture of such displays method Roll press, increasing the maximum size of the panel to 6.9 inches. The upper picture shows the identification cards with displays made by this technology.

On average, the picture shows the AMOLED-panel size of 4.1 inches diagonally, formed on a plastic substrate. While a prototype is able to display shades of one color, manufacture and color displays.

At the bottom picture shows the panel Multicolor QVGA-size 10.4 inches diagonally.

Source: DigiTimes

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Compro VideoMate V220F - standalone TV tuner, a media center

In addition to models VideoMate Vista U890F, about which we talked yesterday, Compro introduced yet another new TV-tuner model VideoMate V220F. As stated in a press release the company, VideoMate V220F - profitable (because of competitive prices) way to view the television screen computer monitor.

VideoMate V220F - standalone TV tuner that supports high resolutions up to 1680x1050, or 1600x1200 for viewing on television screens with a diagonal of 15 to 22 inches, as a ratio 4:3 / 5:4 or wide 16:9 / 16:10 .

To use the new device does not require a computer, so VideoMate V220F does not require installation of drivers - simply connect the device to monitor.

VideoMate V220F Features include a preview 9 channels simultaneously on one screen, the setting of priorities channels, creating a list of favorite channels. The new device also has corrected 3:2 pull-down, spread-3D-adaptive deinterlacing filter, progressive and denoiser to obtain a clear and vivid images.

OptiMode feature allows you to select a set of settings for different types of Video with presets: TV, games, Cinema and User. Today, more common are already widescreen monitors, so the Compro VideoMate V220F allows agree on the ratio of the picture and display using modes OptiRatio, such as 4:3, 16:9, Panorama, Full screen and a unique mode SmartZoom, of the traction movies in the format of the entire LetterBox screen. Also, VideoMate V220F has, reportedly, improved treatment Picture in Picture, supports high resolution up to 1680h1050 that allows both to watch TV on your monitor and work on a computer in an easily customizable screen.

In addition to viewing television, radio series VideoMate V220F allow DVD-player, VCR or modern gaming console to watch DVD-movies or games on the PC monitor using video and audio, including S-Video and composite.

VideoMate V220F allowed to take additional radio FM-band and hear them via the built-in speaker.

Source: Compro Technology

NVIDIA GeForce joined Atom and 9400 in the platform Ion

On interest NVIDIA to produce sets of system logic for systems on the processor Intel Atom is known for some time. The last communication on the subject said that the company plans to add support for Intel Atom in chipsets MCP7A and MCP79.

The official press release, dated 17 December, NVIDIA introduced a new platform that will enable the issue based on the Atom system different from existing designs advanced multimedia capabilities. The platform, known as Ion, focus on segments notebook, mini-PCs and monoblock PCs, and has a high-performance graphics subsystem. The basis for the integrated graphics core has GPU GeForce 9400. Recall single set of system logic with integrated graphics core of GeForce 9400 is already used in laptops Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The fact that NVIDIA is considering production of special versions of GeForce 9400M for notebook we wrote back in late October.

According to NVIDIA, in newcomer ten times the graphics performance of existing chipsets for Atom, providing high-definition video format 1080p, support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, and the opportunity to play in modern games such as Call of Duty 4. Importantly, that the platform based on the GeForce 9400 came out twice leaner than other solutions with support for Atom, on the market, with minimal impact on the time of the battery life.

The company demonstrated a prototype laptop on a new platform (top shot) and 10-layer system board format Pico-ITX (100 x 72 mm), proposed by VIA. In the configuration of board that supports processors Atom N230 and Atom N330 (dual-core), includes a slot SO-DIMM, up to modules DDR3-800/1066/1333, Adapter Gigabit LAN, one port DVI-I, USB 2.0 and SATA.

Sources: NVIDIA, VR-Zone

Engineering samples of RV740 working memory GDDR5

As you know, the AMD already have the first graphics processors, issued under the rules of 40 nm. Source published additional information on this subject.

It follows that AMD has a 3D-maps on the new GPU, which is included in the configuration memory GDDR5, operating at clock frequency of 900 MHz (effective frequency 3600 MHz).

Using a high-performance memory products targeted at the mass segment, probably due to a desire to test processors at a time when there are no restrictions on capacity memory, a source.

It is possible that GDDR5 memory will remain a privilege of engineering samples, and the series will be 3D-card memory, more affordable. Such a situation occurred in the case of the GPU RV730 - test samples at its base operated at higher frequencies than the serial products, which are available in the retail network.

If you believe published data, engineering samples of RV740 relate to the audit A11, printed circuit board is marked B507/895, and the production of GDDR5 memory chips Qimonda - IDGV1G-05A1F1C-40X.

Find out what memory will be used in mass-produced products, we will be able to close to their emergence in the market, which is expected in the second or third quarter of next year.

Source: Nordic Hardware

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jetway offers barebon pc on Intel Atom

In the retail chain of Japanese reseller CFD has a new product production Jetway. Novelty is a compact PC-barebon code model BC200C91-330-B, which is built on the motherboard NC91-330-LF size of Mini-ITX with chipsetom Intel 945GC and is equipped with a processor Intel Atom Core Duo 330, of which 1,66 GHz frequency.

As disk drives to use standard size 2.5 ".

Perhaps the compact system design Jetway so potential buyers who are looking for a cheap alternative to Mac Mini.

Pay is supported by one slot to install memory DDR2-533/400 (up to 2 GB), the sound is implemented on kodeke Realtek ALC662 6-Channel HD Audio, there is a network connector for Gigabit Ethernet, output VGA (mini D-sub15) and six ports USB2. 0. Dimensions system are 210 x 257 x 65 mm. Includes power adapter output of 65 Watts.

The cost of computer BC200C91-330-B amounted to ~ 145 euros.

Sources: CFD, Akihabaranews

Before the end of the year, Hynix will reduce DRAM release by 20-30%

Reuters reports that the company Hynix Semiconductor, ranked second in the global roster of producers of memory chips, unveiled plans to reduce output. In late December issue of memory will be reduced by 20-30%.

Hynix representative said that the decline in the company sent to the New Year holiday. The issue of resumption of production in full will be considered early next year.

The reason for forcing Hynix to do this step is overproduction and falling demand. According to analysts, to remedy the situation in the industry, it is necessary to significantly reduce production and cautious investment by major players. This is the path chosen major manufacturers.

Production of memory is closely linked to the semiconductor manufacturing process in general, where iSuppli analysts estimate revenue decline in 2009 compared to the current year to 9.4%. According to experts, the situation will only corrected in late 2009 or early 2010. In 2010 growth was 6.4%, believed to iSuppli, in 2011 - even 10.8% for the first time since 2004, surpassing the 10 percent barrier.

Source: Reuters

What surprised BFG, in his first game PC?

According to the source, the company BFG Technologies is preparing to display at CES 2009, to be held in January, its first product in a new category of ready-game systems.

Novelty is not considered a typical gaming PC. Engineers BFG used in the construction of LCD touch panel and liquid cooling system unserved.

In addition to gaming enthusiasts, BFG expects interest to lovers of novelty quality viewing movies at home. Specifications system is not yet known but, given the experience of BFG in the creation of components for gaming PCs, you can safely assume that the performance of the new computer will not complain.

Source: Tweak Town

OS Nova - last hope of Palm?

Not long ago, the company Palm was one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and PDAs. When conventional PDA were to lose their place in the list of hot technological innovations, shaken and the position of Palm. Even stronger worse entry smartphones new players to offer products beyond the development of Palm.

Palm Profits fall, the market share is decreasing under pressure of such innovations as the smartphone Apple iPhone, which at the moment prefer 17 of the 100 American buyers. However, Palm is not delivered - the company announced its intention to present at CES 2009 a new operating system, known as Nova.

To reverse the negative trends in the past year, Palm has invited veteran of Apple, John Rubinstein (Jon Rubinstein) to the post of executive director for product development.

Efforts Palm developers have focused on the creation of a new operating system aimed, in the words of Palm, at the thick mid-market smartphones. Target OS Nova - help produce Palm take niche between devices like BlackBerry, which is optimized to perform communications functions of the e-mail, voice and text exchange, and devices with a focus on the entertainment component, such as the Apple iPhone.

While on the Nova and devices under its management knows little. Obviously one - Palm will try to avoid direct competition with the BlackBerry and iPhone. According to some reports, the company expects to devices with OS Nova to take a 2% Market smartphones. The aim may seem modest, but its achievement kept afloat.

To understand whether the Palm chance of salvation is to wait for the January premiere of the new OS.

Source: DailyTech

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture Transcend PF810 - the best combination of qualities

Novelty, are included line of digital photoframework Transcend, devoid of exotic opportunities and not striking fussy design. At the same time, the cumulative qualities can be regarded as the best product in its price category, which would incidentally, for example, in choosing a new-year gift.

Model PF810 out in strict style - glossy black box is decorated with simple geometric motifs of the diamond in two corners. In an integrated sensor management of LED illumination. Screen size diagonally PF810 is 8 inches, the resolution is 800x600 pixels. The frame is equipped with 2 GB of embedded flash memory to store images and other files.

The device supports image formats JPG and BMP. Marketed to view images at full screen and miniatures, as well as the regime Slade show. The frame is equipped with a sensor orientation, so that it automatically rotates the images before returning. Availability of USB-host opens up an opportunity to connect USB-drives.

Additional functions include Picture play videos, watch with alarm clock and calendar. In addition, the device copes with the role of MP3 player and FM-receiver, of course, continuing to display photos.

Source: Transcend

Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard - if not their hands on the keyboard, and vice versa

The site online shop Brando sometimes pleases fans of various USB-trinkets and useful things unusual things. The range of goods a new keyboard, which is called the Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard, and very different from the familiar to many keyboards.

As the name implies - a novelty very small in size. This is a case where we can say put the keyboard, no, not even in his hands, but at hand, although usually we have to put both his hands on one input device of this type.

Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard is a portable device input, which can take on the road, moreover, it has a backlight. It is noted that this feature allows you to use it in field with great comfort.

Connects to a computer keyboard without wires - by 2.4-GHz radio module with USB-connector, which has a range of up to 10 hours Meals served from 2 AA batteries.

The size keyboard with 56 keys is 170 x 81 x 15 mm, weight - only 138 g.

Price Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny Keyboard - U.S. $ 47

Source: Brando

Ritek started to produce modules of solar cells, which show at the CES show

As is known, the company Ritek is the largest producer of pure optical disk to record in Taiwan. But with the current date of the scope of its activities to include more fashionable now, and production of eco-friendly solar cells.

The company Ritek started to supplies of the product, which will be known in the world under the brand name Small Home System (SHS), a first batch amounting to $ 3 million has already been shipped to customers. The first SHS-elements, along with other products (BD-ROMs and SSD-drives) company, show the general public at CES 2009 event, which will be held from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas.

Photovoltaic (PV) modules Ritek manufactured using thin-film coating technology application used to create optical discs Ritek, which allowed the company to absorb slightly faster production of new products against the backdrop of other Taiwanese manufacturers.

Nevertheless, independently of SHS production company did not. Together with the Dutch company Scheuten Solar Holding Ritek formed a joint venture, which will develop and sell CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) - thin film photovoltaic modules for Small Home System.

Sources: Ritek, Digitimes

Cypress and Legend Silicon launched the world's first reference design DTMB-tuner with a USB

One area of specialization Cypress Semiconductor products are supporting interface USB. The company Legend Silicon known as a provider of solutions in the field of digital television. Together, the partners created a reference design tuner interface USB, for the reception of digital television in a DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast).

The development became known as Legend MoBLTV. It is alleged that on the basis of its manufacturers can quickly create finished products that are targeted to use in conjunction with laptops and desktop PCs.

In reference design uses high-speed USB-controller Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP and demodulator Legend Silicon LGS-8GL5/LGS-8G75.

RF block Legend MoBLTV serves to adjust to the desired frequency, and transmits the signal passed Demodulators LGS-8GL5/LGS-8G75, which transforms it into a transport stream MPEG2-TS. Controller EZ-USB FX2LP manage demodulator and tuner on the I2C bus and transmits the flow of MPEG2-TS in the PC for viewing. The kit consists of Legend MoBLTV scheme, CAD files in the format Gerber, insertion, the driver Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA), a demonstration program and a certificate Microsoft.

Product Legend MoBLTV DTMB USB Dongle Reference Design is already available for booking through channels Legend Silicon.

Source: Cypress Semiconductor

Qimonda stakes on carbon in non-volatile memory of new generation

German memory manufacturer Qimonda AG presented at IEDM 2008 event, held on 15 December in San Francisco, the development in the volatile memory. For a new generation of memory to be used allotropic modification of carbon.

The approach chosen, according to the company, will provide substantial improvements in memory density. For example, the minimum size of the element of memory, which is changing the phase of the state, 30-40 nm. At the same time, the size of the element of memory, built using allotropic modifications of carbon, equal to 2-3 nm.

We know several allotropic modifications of carbon, including diamond, graphite, carbon nanotubes and fuller. Each of them corresponds to a state of electrons in the outer orbits of carbon atoms. Professionals Qimonda was able to develop a technology change with the help of electric current. This technology enables the «switch» carbon between conducting and non-conducting state. While studies are at an early stage, but the results show the promise of our strategy and the potential application of carbon structures as part of the memory of the next generation.

Source: TechOn!

SilverStone: processor cooler for low configuration PC

SilverStone The company submitted a new cooler for the Intel LGA 775 connector - Nitrogon NT07-775. New focus on low system using 45-nm CPU Intel Core 2 Duo.

* Supported Processors: Intel Core 2 Duo E8000/E7000, Pentium Dual-Core E5000, Celeron D 400 Celeron E1000
* Term. Resistance: 0,35 ° C / W
* Fan: 90 mm, 1200-1800 rpm (12-23 CFM, 15-23 dBA)
* Dimensions: 93 x 36.5 x 93 mm
* Weight: 310 g

Height fan - only 37 mm radiator made of aluminum and «sole» - from copper. 90-mm fan from 9 different blades fairly low noise (15 dB at 1200 rpm).

Nitrogon NT07-775 for sale in January next year at a price about 17 euros.

Source: Silverstone

Saturday, December 20, 2008

NVIDIA will provide support for SLI to Intel Atom processors

According to the source, NVIDIA is developing a version of a set of system logic MCP7A, which will support processors Intel Atom.

As you know, the original version MCP7A supports SLI. Continue this feature in the new version. Support for SLI in the new product will be supported to install 3D-card slots, two PCI Express x8. In addition, the set will provide a slot on the motherboard PCI Express x1 and PCI (one piece). Decisions on its base can have up to four slots DIMM, designed to install memory modules DDR2-533/667/800.

Other product features include the presence of audio subsystem HD Audio, six-port SATA, 12 ports USB 2.0, one IEEE 1394 adapter and Gigabit LAN.

Another NVIDIA chipset with support for Atom, which will go into the family of MCP79, will be designed for use in motherboards size Pico-ITX, for notebook. As a feature of the recruitment system of logic identifies the source of support for single-memory DDR3 (SO-DIMM), the existence of a network adapter that interfaces HDMI, DVI-I, USB and SATA. Perhaps it is developing, is already into the area of our attention.

Source: VR-Zone

This leader NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 285 - high working frequency

Those players who prefer a more classic, UP 3D-boosters in their systems rather than complex, cumbersome and expensive because DP cards, and who are looking forward to the new flagship of NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 285, already known to almost all the data on these products from our recent material: photos and maps of energy consumption, release date, etc.

To complete the picture and preliminary impressions of the new product, NVIDIA lacked only ... operating parameters, namely the values of frequencies, which will operate in the number of stream processors of 240 units, 1 GB of memory and Shader unit.

This information is now published sources. According to his data GTX285 will have such significance - 648/1476/1242 MHz for the core / memory / shader, respectively. This provides another reason to believe that the card will be very quick, because GTX280, in comparison, has a somewhat more modest corresponding values - 602/1296/1107 MHz.

It now remains to await the appearance of the product in our laboratory to verify this information and evaluate the real performance of 3D-applications.

Source: Expreview

Intel sends the resignation of two more mobile processors

The range of Intel leaving two more mobile processors - Celeron M ULV 723 operating at a frequency of 1.20 GHz and Celeron 205.

Produced according to the rules of 65 nm model Celeron M ULV 723 falls under the category of products with low power consumption and has a tire FSB, calculated at 800 MHz. The amount of cache second level of the processor is 1 MB. Produced according to the rules of 90 nm Celeron processor 205 is 512 KB cache, the second level and tire FSB, pulses at a frequency of 400 MHz.

According to the source, receiving orders for Celeron M ULV 723 and the Celeron 205 was terminated on 14 December. The latest installment will be shipped to customers 14 Jun., 2010.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

There was the first dual-core processors from AMD Kuma

As you know, the family of AMD Phenom processors used K10 microarchitecture. She also became the basis of new dual-core processors AMD, known as code-named Kuma. As expected, catalog companies have been marking new items Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition (BE) and Athlon X2 7550. According to one source, both withdrew model Athlon X2 7450, but its site AMD could not be found.

These products are among the primary level and intended for use in desktop systems. They support the technology, HyperTransport 3, issued by the norms of 65 nm with the use of SOI technology and designed for installation in the slot CPU AM2 +. As the first tests of processor performance superior to previous models Kuma dual-core Athlon X2 processors in the nucleus of Brisbane.

Clock Speed Athlon X2 BE 7750 is equal to 2.7 GHz, Athlon X2 7550 runs at 2.5 GHz, the value of clock frequency Athlon X2 7450 is 2.4 GHz. Other characteristics identical processors: the total amount of cache, the second level is 1 MB cache, third level - 2 MB, TDP 95 Watts.

The price for one copy of Athlon X2 BE 7750 in the party of 1000 is $ 79.

Sources: TechConnect Magazine, AMD

iiyama monitors presented with a new design - ProLite E2209HDS and B2409HDS

The Japanese company iiyama presented a pair of new monitors family ProLite: B2409HDS and E2209HDS. Both monitors are wide decisions and presented in several versions with different - with prefixed by the name B or B2 - black hull monitors.

Monitors ProLite B2409HDS are almost 24-inch devices, their diagonal screen is 23.6 ", a series ProLite E2209HDS is still unfamiliar to most diagonal size - 21.5".

Designed by new products, is reportedly a new and original. Monitors have rounded corners around the matrices a-Si TN, a built-in speaker is not located on the sides, as usual, while the rear.

Properties of monitors ProLite E2209HDS and B2409HDS:

* E2209HDS: 21,5 ", 1920x1080, 300 nit, 1000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 2 / 5 (G → G and black → white → black) ms, DVI-D + mini D-SUB + HDMI + SPDIF, 2 x 2 W, 4.3 kg
* B2409HDS: 23,6 ", 1920x1080, 300 nit, 1000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 2 / 5 ms, DVI-D + HDMI + D-sub, 2 x 2 W, 7.7 kg

The cost models ProLite B2409HDS, which will be on sale in mid-January 2009, at 380 U.S. version E2209HDS estimated at U.S. $ 325

Sources: iiyama, PC Watch

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gold SDHC-card OCZ write data at speeds up to 22.5 MB / sec

The range of OCZ Technology Group acquired a family of cards SDHC (Secure Digital High-Capacity) entitled Gold ( «Gold»).

According to the manufacturer, the new cards aimed at professional photographers and owners of cameras with video recording function.

One of the most important features of gold cards is the high speed record - 150X, which corresponds to 22.5 MB / sec. Formally cards belong to the class of Class 6 speed (the speed of at least 6 MB / sec). A production models have 4, 8 and 16 GB.

The company provides for a Gold SDHC lifetime warranty and is accompanied by their free technical support.

Source: OCZ Technology Group

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A hybrid system Caldera 4870x2 would cool Radeon HD 4870th x 2

The company added Swiftech vodoblokom released earlier this month radiator and received a new product - the cooling system for 3D-card Radeon HD 4870 X2.

NEW called Caldera 4870X2 is a hybrid solution, calculated on the joint use of 3D-maps, where the reference design AMD HD4870X2. Vodoblok heat from the GPU, a passive radiator cools the memory, voltage regulators and other components located on the motherboard.

According to the developers, the main advantage over monolithic design is to optimize resource cooling system - the hottest items cooled with maximum efficiency.

In vodobloke Caldera 4870X2 uses a technology Swiftech Diamond Pin Matrix, improving heat.

This image - an example of installation Caldera 4870X2 in with the processor fan Apogee GTZ and cooler chipset MCW-NBmax.

Vodoblok, top view.

Vodoblok type bottom.

The radiator is set for a fee.

Vodoblok of anodised aluminum tubes is the standard diameter of 1 / 4 ". The design mounted white LED backlighting. Dimensions: vodobloka - 136 x 103 x 22 mm radiator - 208 x 93 x 12 mm. Weight: vodobloka - 411 g, radiator - 181 d.

Source: Swiftech

ASUS VH - monitors from 18.5 "to 23.6" for multimedia

Company ASUS presented a series of multimedia monitors, known as VH and conventionally divided into three subgroups: the youngest model with a diagonal screen 18.5 "into the 19W, two versions of the screen 21.5" in 22W and 23.6 " in 24W respectively.

VH Series includes four models:

* VH242H / T: 23,6 ", 1920x1080, 300 nit, 20000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 5 ms, DVI-D + D-sub + HDMI + SPDIF, 2 x 2 W
* VH226H / C: 21,5 ", 1920x1080, 300 nit, 12000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 2 ms, DVI-D + HDMI + D-sub, 2 x 2 W
* VH222H / S: 21,5 ", 1920x1080, 300 nit, 20000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 5 ms, DVI-D + D-sub + HDMI + SPDIF, 2 x 2 W
* VH192C/SC/D: 18,5 ", 1366x768, 300 nit, 10000:1, 170 ° / 160 °, 5 ms, DVI-D + D-sub, 2 x 1 W

All new items are painted in colors Piano Black and maintain branded ASUS technology to improve picture quality: Splendid Video Intelligence Technology and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR).

Monitors VH Series - widescreen support the work content 16:9. They also have AutoBrightness and contrast. The minimum energy consumption in a series of 1.5 W, while the maximum is 57 Watts.

Source: ASUS

Monitor EIZO FlexScan S2432W is not all right with DisplayPort

Less than a week since Announcement Monitor FlexScan S2432W company EIZO, as the latter, as a matter of urgency had to issue a new decree, literally repealing the previous one.

Novelty, recall, is a 24 "monitor support up WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels), 1000:1 contrast matrix and 360 nit brightness. One of the characteristics of solutions was to support DisplayPort input with HDCP, except for traditional D-sub15 and DVI-D.

Now, because of lack of productivity when working on yet a new type of interface for the industry, the new S2432W will be without its support and will be released as early as next year. The date of the next release Monitor named on 21 January.

Perhaps in achieving stable operation and bring it into line with the requirements, EIZO still issue a FlexScan S2432W, equipped with DisplayPort, but so far - fans will see only the brand model, equipped with older types of connectors.

Source: EIZO

The mouse fold from speaker

Catalog Site Brando, which constantly appear interesting new items, added to the mouse with integrated speaker and removable external microphone (UMOUS004500).

Owing to the speaker and a standard input jack for the alarm, the mouse can be used as a column for PC or portable player. By connecting the removable microphone, the user receives a device to communicate through VoIP using Skype and other programs.

Sensor mouse has a resolution of 800 dots per inch. To connect to a PC using an interface USB. Dimensions of 70 x 116 x 36 mm, weight - 132 g. The price shown on the site, is $ 19.

Source: Brando

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Inexpensive new Addonics allowed to turn USB-drives into NAS

The range of Addonics Technologies added to a remarkable innovation called NAS (network attached storage) Adapter. In short, inexpensive and compact device allows you to turn any USB-drive in the repository of network connectivity.

Being connected to a network using the adapter, USB-drive is available to employees in its users. The universality of solutions is that the adapter can connect a variety of devices: from simple flash or a portable hard drive to hard drive array with its own food or optical drive.

NAS adapter supports the SMB (Server Message Block) and Samba, which provides access to data from various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The device is equipped with USB 2.0/1.1 interfaces and Ethernet 10/100 Mbps.

Remote users are not included in the network will be able to access the NAS Adapter for FTP (up to eight compounds simultaneously). In addition, the adapter can act as a print server or device, downloading files from the exchange networks.

Product Price is $ 55.

Source: Addonics Technologies

New pictures of GeForce GTX 295

As we approach the date of the official premiere 3D-card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 flow of information about it has intensified.

Main technical characteristics of the product names. A source in its publication today reiterated that the number of Shader processors will be equal to 480, while the value of 289 W TDP. In addition, the board would support regime Quad SLI.

As was evident on the first snapshot of construction GeForce GTX 295 retained the overall approach of the 9800GX2.

Photographs can understand that the card has received two DVI connectors and one DisplayPort. The configuration of additional power connectors such - one with eight and one in six encounters.

Values clock speed and price are still a mystery. It is anticipated that the price will allow a novelty NVIDIA to compete with AMD Radeon HD 4870X2.

Source: VR-Zone

The first tests of the processor Intel Core i5

On the Chinese site Hardspell published the results of tests processor Lynnfield, built on the basis of the same architecture as Nehalem, but based on the mass segment (up to 200 dollars). Reported that the market will go under such CPU marketing name Core i5 (this is a chip identifies popular test program CPU-Z).

Recall that Lynnfield will be implemented in the form factor LGA1160 (Nehalem has a connector LGA1366), memory controller DDR3 will be two-and three-no.

In tests using an engineering sample of Quad-Core i5, functioning at a frequency of 2.13 GHz. Each of the cores is equipped with 256 KB of cache L2, moreover, has 8 MB cache L3.

A test system includes the DDR3-1066 memory, graphics accelerator NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290, the hard drive Seagate ST 7200.2, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

The results are presented in the screenshots below:

Thus, to compare future Core i5 with its current system, everyone can. Open the question remains as to whether the market Core i6. It is likely that under this name will go processors Havendale.

Source: Hardspell